T H E   S T R O N G E S T   K N O W L E D G E

4 main reasons to book a private yoga class

Increased Comfort

It can be daunting to go into a big studio with lots of advanced practitioners for your first time. WHo wants to be embarrassed? Lear a foundation series from me and I can help you become familiar with many of the most common poses you can find in just about any studio!

Increased Accessibility

I hear people complain- "I'm not flexible enough!", but this is WHY you come to yoga. Learn how to adapt the poses so you can quickly build confidence.

Increased Ability

Progress your practice faster with a one on one session. Learn how to strengthen and stabilize poses where you are weak, and how to gently increase your flexibility.

Have more fun

A lot of people think yoga is meant to be serious and hard. It doesn't have to be! Learn to fall in love with a practice designed uniquely for you!